Gient Is Building 30 Ton Medical Waste Treatment Plant against Novel Coronavirus for Wuhan

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Medical Waste Increases Sharply

Since to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan in January, the confirmed coronavirus cases has reached nearly 75,000 so far in China, and the cases in Wuhan has gone over 45,000. The rapid infection growth in Wuhan has brought 3-4 times increase of infectious medical waste, and the original medical waste disposal facilities in this city have been unable to meet the surge of medical wastes, which creates further huge risks.

"Coronavirus medical waste"

Medical waste is accumulated in the hospitals.

Gient Is Building Urgently 30 Ton Medical Waste Treatment Plant for Wuhan

As China’s largest professional supplier of medical waste treatment equipment, Gient is helping the Wuhan government to build a 30-ton daily medical waste treatment plant, 45 ton processing productivity with 24 hours operation. It is going to solve the urgent problem of accumulation of medical wastes. The plant shall be completed within 15 days.

"Medical waste treatment Wuhan"

Recently, over 20 Gient technicians departed for Wuhan

To build a medical waste treatment plant within 15 days is a formidable challenge, and under the severe epidemic situation of factory shutdown, market closure, and traffic control, it was an impossible task. However, since receiving this mission from the government on February 7, Gient has come up with the design and construction plan within 3 days. All our relative personals departed for Wuhan, and all the goods were delivered to Wuhan within 5 days.

"Wuhan's emergency medical waste disposal plant under construction"

Wuhan’s emergency medical waste disposal plant under construction on 13th Feb

Fearless of the infection risks in the front-line, Gient employees took the initiative to ask for offering support to Wuhan. The Gient CEO Mr. Gong personally was taking the Gient team with over 20 technical elites to Wuhan to complete this mission. All this is for one reason: to contribute our strength, to fight against the epidemic.

"Coronavirus medical waste Wuhan"

Gient is building an emergency medical waste treatment plant against Novel Coronavirus for Wuhan

More Solutions for Medical Waste Contained Novel Coronavirus

At the same time, Gient provided the Wuhan government and Hubei Province with a variety of medical waste treatment solutions, including centralized disposal plants, mobile station for emergency situation and on-site equipment for isolated hospitals.

To flight the epidemic, we are always with the people of Wuhan and with the people of the world.

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