Medical Waste Shredder
GS Series

medical waste shredder
  • Connector.


    Dedicated for medical waste shredding

  • Connector.


    Up to 3 ton/hour

  • Connector.

    Working type

    Sterilization prior to shredding

  • Connector.


    Double shafts shredder with wear resistane blades. Proven high reliability

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Medical Waste Shredder

Shredding is a crucial part in medical waste treatment. The technical requirements of medical waste shredder is usually high, because medical waste contents not only hard materials like glass and a small amount of metal, but also soft materials like cotton yarn and clothes. GIENT medical waste shredder system, GS Series, is dedicated designed to adopt the severe working circumstance of medical waste treatment, and to reduce the volume and size of medical waste after sterilization.

Shredder system is composed of shredder, control cabinet, automatic bin dumper, hopper and optional screw conveyor. The shredder has two shafts and specific wear resistant blades which crush and grind the waste into unrecognizable pieces.

Gient medical waste shredders are serving in a large number of medical waste treatment plants and have been proven reliable and endurable by the market.

Core Features & Advantages 

  • Fully automated, easy to operate and maintain
  • Strong and sturdy housing which can last for over 10 years without maintainace
  • Wear resistant blades ensure the optimized shredding performance
  • Advanced design of discharging system to avoid falling of the waste and spreading of the odor
  • High efficiency and high productivity
  • Proven reliable and endurable by the market
  • Know more medical waste treatment.

    medical waste shredder

    GIENT Shredder system for medical waste disposal


Standard Configuration

  • Double shafts shredder
  • Hopper
  • Automated lifter & dumper
  • Control cabinet

Optional Configuration

  • Screw conveyor