Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station
MWM Series

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    Emergencies and customized demands

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    Effective loading volume: 100L to 2700L

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    Temperature and pressure

    134°C, 2.2 bar (adjustable)

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    Microbial inactivation

    99.9999% – 99.999999%

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    Waste volume reduction


Mobile Solutions for Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal

Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station, MWM Series, caters to many other customized demands, such as in military field hospital, emergency situations such as nature disaster and epidemic diseases (earthquake, Ebola and MERS), or taking care of marine and island’s medical waste.

The system is composed of autoclave and shredder system, steam generator and optional dedicated power generator. It works 24/7 as long as water and diesel available.

Core Features & Advantages 

  • Easy, safe, efficiency and environmental-friendly
  • Green process without hazardous emissions, chemical-free and NO radiation
  • Fully automated process through smart touch screen & no contact with infectious waste 
  • Advanced technology against chloride ion corrosion in medical waste
  • Serving in different situations and all weather working.
  • High flexibility: all equipment are installed in a special wing-open container. Once it is mounted on a truck, it is able to dispose medical waste within one hour preparation time. 
  • Know more about medical waste treatment.

Standard Configuration

  • Autoclave and shredder system
  • Steam generator
  • Power generator
  • Special design wing-open container including air system etc.