Medical Waste Disposal

Gient provides a full range of products catering to various demands for medical waste disposal, which include:

Hospital waste sterilizer (with shredder) for on-site treatment in hospitals, health-care centers and clinics

Medical waste autoclave for commercial operators of medical waste disposal

Dedicated medical waste shredder for reducing volume of the sterile waste

Mobile medical waste treatment station for any flexible solution and emergency demands

Container washer for automated cleaning of medical waste container

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Centralized Medical Waste Autoclave
MWC Series


Centralized Medical Waste Treatment System (MWC Series) is designed for commercial medical waste disposal. The disposal capacity of a single unit is ranging from 1 to 20 tons per day. In the autoclave system, medical waste is firstly sterilized, the sterilization temperature could be set from 121°C/250°F (1bar/14.5Psi) to 143°C/289°F (4bar/58Psi), the whole system is automated and works independent with shredder.


  • For commercial medical waste treatment
  • Capacity of a single unit is up to 20-ton daily
  • Independent working with shredder


  • For on-site treatment in hospitals
  • Capacity from 150L to 2500L per cycle
  • Autoclave combined with built-in shredder, full automated and closed in one vessel

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder
MWI Series

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (MWI series) is designed for on-site installation for in hospitals, clinics and healthcare center and as well as for commercial medical waste disposal site. The capacity is from 150L to 2500L per cycle. In this type of machine, medical waste is firstly shredded into unrecognizable small pieces and then sterilized by saturated steam, the sterilization temperature could be set from 121°C/250°F (1bar/14.5Psi) to 143°C/289°F (4bar/58Psi). All the process are automatic and closed in one vessel.


  • For emergency situation and customized solution
  • Capacity 150L and 700L per cycle
  • 24/7 workable as long as water and diesel available


Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station
MWM Series

Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station (MWM Series) serves in emergency situations such as nature disaster and epidemic area, as well as military, field hospital and customized solutions. The system is composed of autoclave and shredder system, boiler and dedicated diesel generator. It works 24/7 as long as water and diesel available.


  • Dedicated for shredding medical waste
  • Wear resistant blades
  • Stable and durable

Medical Waste Shredder
GS Series

Dedicated designed for medical waste disposal. with specific wear resistant blades crushes and grinds the waste into unrecognizable pieces. Shredder system is composed of shredder, control cabinet, automatic bin dumper, hopper and optional screw conveyor.