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    Medical waste treatment plants or hospitals

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    Disposed waste type

    All types of medical waste

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    Effective loading volume: standard 0.5-1 ton/day, combinations available

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    Dioxin emission: less than 0.1ng TEQ/Nm3

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    Waste volume reduction


Ultimate Medical Waste Disposal Solution

Alternative to an medical waste incinerator or a medical waste pyrolysis device which inevatible generates quantitive harmful substances such as dioxin and furan, the MagnetGas Treatment System is a revolutionary product featuring excellect emission index and meets worldwide strictest emission standards.
Unlike non-incineration technologies such as autoclave and microwave, MagnetGas Treatment System ultimately solves the problem of medical waste disposal, no further waste incineration or waste landfill is needed. More environmentally friendly than non-incineration technologies, MagnetGas Treatment System disposes all kind of medical waste, while normal non-incineration technologies can only treat infectious, sharps, and part of pathological wastes.

Core Technologies

  • Low-temperature gasification: in a thermal magnetic field medical waste is gasified below 350°C, avoiding the temperature where dioxin forms.
  • Multiple MagnetGas treatment processes: low-temperature gasification + catalytic high-temperature pyrolysis + catalytic combustion
  • Intelligent control: automatic operation based on monitoring parameters.
  • Ultra-low-load operation: continuous operation mode available at night/weekends without waste feeding.

Core Advantages

  • Excellent emission index, dioxin emission <0.1ng TEQ/Nm3
  • Disposed all types of medical wastes
  • More environmentally friendly than non-incineration technologies


This product is jointly developed in Canada, USA and China.

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Standard Configuration

  • Automatic tipper
  • Built-in shredder
  • Feeding cabin
  • Magnetic low-temperature gasification chamber
  • Pyrolysis gas pretreatment unit
  • Second stage pyrolysis chamber
  • Catalytic combustion device
  • Exhaust gas treatment system
  • Ash removal system
  • Intelligent pyrolysis control system

Optional Configuration

  • Continuous monitoring system
  • Intelligent storage and feeding system