Integrated Autoclave with Shredder – MWI Series

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    Onsite in hospitals and healthcare centers

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    Effective loading volume per cycle: 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L

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    Working type

    Pre-shredding, shredder is built-in in autoclave.

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    Temperature and pressure

    134°C, 2.2 bar (adjustable)

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    Microbial inactivation

    99.999999% (Log8)

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    Waste volume reduction

    60-80% (depending on waste)

Onsite Medical Waste Treatment Solution for Hospitals

Integrated autoclave with shredder, MWI Series, is an ideal solution for hospitals and healthcare centers to treat infectious medical wastes. The system is fully automated and easy to operate, so that hospitals can apply it to process medical waste safely onsite where it is generated.
In MWI Series, the sterilization process and shredding process are enclosed in one sealed vessel. The machine is compact as well as integrated, including steam generator, water softener, water tank, vacuum pump, air compressor, water booster pump, optional (dumper), etc., and it requires a small installation space and simple operation conditions.

Core Features & Advantages

  • Safe, reliable, easy, and environmentally friendly
  • Green process without hazardous emissions, chemical-free and NO radiation
  • On-site treatment: avoid the risk of secondary infection
  • Advanced technology against chloride ion corrosion in medical waste
  • Advanced odor control technology ensures comfortable working ambient
  • Easy to maintain: patented technology of easily disassembled shredder largely shortens the maintenance and blades changing time.
  • Optional remote monitoring system. Staffs are able to observe and control the live process in the office

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