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Medical waste is a kind of hazardous waste generated by hospitals, clinics, health centers and laboratories, etc. Medical waste must be properly handled and disposed, so as to eliminate environmental and sanitary pollution as well as risks of public health.

Gient, founded in 1995, has dedicated in medical waste treatment industry for more than 20 years. As the leading supplier of medical waste treatment systems, we are committed to providing comprehensive, reliable and environmentally friendly medical waste disposal solutions for waste management plants as well as hospitals.

Nowadays, Gient medical waste treatment systems are running successfully in nearly 40 countries and across 5 continents. Our clients include UNITED NATIONS organizations, well-known medical waste treatment companies and hospitals from all over the world.

Years of Medical Waste Treatment experience
tons of medical waste treated by Gient equipment everyday
Countries across five continents have Gient installations

Medical Waste Treatment Solutions

One-stop solution for Medical Waste Treatment Plants

Gient provides one-stop solution for medical waste treatment plants, including medical waste autoclave, shredder, steam boiler, sewage water treatment system, air collection and deodorization system as well as quick-assembled factories.

On-site Treatment Solution in Hospitals

Gient is committed to offer the most reliable, safest and environmentally friendly products to hospitals to manage their medical waste. Gient products are designed easy for installation. All processes are enclosed without emission, ensuring sound working ambient in hospital.

A revolutionary solution for waste treatment: MagnetGas Treatment System

A cutting-edge revolutionary solution treats all types of medical waste and eliminates the emission problem of dioxin and furan in traditional medical waste incineration or pyrolyzing. The MagnetGas Treatment System turns all organic wastes into white ashes, is compliance with strictest the emission standards, and reaching the goals of zero waste and carbon reduction.

Solution for international airport and port waste

Solution for international airport and port waste

There are plant pests, diseases, and other contaminants risks of introduction waste originates from countries with different policies and regulations. For these reasons, this airport and port waste are generally handled separately and processed safely by independent waste autoclaves or waste treatment systems. Gient autoclave and waste treatment systems are ideally applied for international airports and ports waste.


medical waste autoclave system

Medical Waste Autoclave System

Medical Waste Autoclave System (MWC Series) is applied for medical waste treatment plants with medium to large capacity. The treatment capacity of a single autoclave is from 100kg to over 1 ton per hour, and a free combination of autoclaves and the full automatization of the plant are available as per clients demands.

medical waste autoclave with shredder

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (MWI series) is designed for on-site treatment in hospitals as well as small to medium scaled medical waste disposal plants. The whole treatment process is automatic, all process like shredding or sterilization are completed in one closed vessel, minimizing the environmental impact.

MagnaGas Treatment System

MagnetGas Treatment System

The latest revolutionary MagnetGas Treatment System is jointly developed in Canada, USA and China. The system treats all categories of medical waste including chemical waste and pharmaceutical waste, generates almost no dioxins or furans and it’s compliant with worldwide strictest emission standards. The treatment capacity is from 0.5 ton to dozens of tons per day with a wide application for various demands of medical waste treatment.

medical waste shredder

Shredder System

Dedicatedly designed for processing medical waste. Double-shaft shredder with specific wear-resistant blades destroy soft materials as well as hard materials in medical wastes. A Gient shredder system is mainly composed of shredder, control cabinet, automatic bin dumper, hopper and optional conveyor.


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Beijing Medical Waste Treatment Center with treatment capacity 80 tons/day




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