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Medical waste is a sort of hazardous wastes generated by hospitals, clinics, health-care centers and laboratories etc., it must be properly treated and disposed to avoid possible contamination.

While incineration of medical waste generates harmful substances such as dioxin and furan, steam sterilization (autoclave) is regarded as environmental-friendly, maturest and most economical non-incineration technology to process medical waste.

Gient, founded in 1995, is the leading supplier of medical waste treatment systems in China. We aims to provide the clients comprehensive medical waste treatment solutions, one-stop supplying and high quality products with latest technology.

Gient medical waste treatment systems are running successfully in Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa.

With the innovated technology and high-quality service, Gient is ready to be your most trusted partner to deal with medical waste and foster mutual future.

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medical waste autoclave

Centralized medical waste autoclave

Centralized Medical Waste Autoclave (MWC Series) is ideal for commercial medical waste treatment plant with large capacity. The disposal capacity of a single autoclave is from 1 to 20 tons per day, and a free combination of autoclaves and the full automatization of the plant is available.

medical waste treatment equipment

Integrated autoclave with Shredder

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (MWI series) is designed for on-site installation in hospitals as well as for commercial medical waste disposal plants. The whole treatment process is automated and shredding and sterilization are completed in one closed vessel.

mobile medical waste treatment

Mobile Unit

Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Unit (MWM Series) can transported by standard truck and work besides hospitals without the vehicle. It services immediate medical waste treatment for emergency situations and areas where has limited infrastructures. No infrastructure is needed as long as water is available.

medical waste shredder

Medical Waste Shredder

Dedicated designed for prosessing medical waste. Double-shaft shredder with specific wear resistant blades crushes and grinds the waste into unrecognizable pieces. The shredder system is composed of shredder, control cabinet, automatic bin dumper, hopper and optional screw conveyor.

medical waste container washer

Medical Waste Containers

We provide all kind of professional medical waste containers, including sharps container (1-20Liter/1-5 Gallon), infectious waste container (100 – 360 Liter/18 – 200Gallons), chemical waste containers and phamaceutical waste containers.

medical waste container washer

Medical Waste Container Washer

The customized washer is an ancillary equipment of medical waste treatment plants or hospitals. The machine integrates washing, rinsing and optional drying processes and can significantly reduce the manpower and infection risk of container washing and disinfection.


ASME Pressure Vessel 2018



ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Sterilization Efficacy Report

Sterilization Efficacy Report


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