Company Brief

Over 20-year Gold Supplier
Gient is established in 1995, specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing medical waste treatment systems. Due to our innovative technology and outstanding contribution in the field of medical waste industry, we are awarded as National High-Tech Enterprise, which is the highest title for his contribution to the technology.

Top-level R&D Team
Gient is equipped with a top-level R&D team, which enables us to provide best solutions and superior quality products to various medical waste projects. The products are designed and produced according to the highest standard of the world, the strict quality control are certified by CE (Europe), ASME (USA), MLSE (China).

Global Supplier
Gient products are running currently in five continents: Aisa, North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Gient was the partner of ENGIE, the world’s largest energy service enterprise, and we brought the most energy-effective solution to the waste management industry.

ISO compliance
Gient complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, which govern our businesses and operations committed to quality, environmental protection and protecting health and safety of personals.