GIENT Was Invited to Report the Development of Medical Waste Treatment for High-level Forum in China-ASEAN Expo

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On September 13-15, the China-ASEAN Expo High-level Forum was held in Nanning, China. As one of the important activities of the 14th China-ASEAN Expo, the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum is a high-level dialogue between China and ASEAN, which is an important platform to promote exchanges and pragmatic cooperation.

In the forum, Gient was invited by the China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection to introduce the over 10-year development of medical waste disposal in China to experts in the field of environment protection in ASEAN countries.

Since 2003, China began to implement regulations for medical waste disposal, and at that time all medical waste was incinerated. In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a special study on small-scale medical waste incinerators, and the study has shown that small-scale waste incinerators are difficult to meet the requirements for exhaust emission standards. The Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants states that medical waste incineration is an major source of dioxin. Therefore, WHO and UNEP advocate the application of non-incineration technologies to dispose of medical waste.

China, as the signatory of the Stockholm Convention, formally fulfilled convention since 2004. In order to reduce the emission of persistent organic pollutants, China has developed non-incineration technologies. For more than 10 years, China has established steam sterilization medical waste equipment with the world’s leading technology and completed the product chain. At present, China’s medical waste treatment facilities using incineration technology decreased from 332 in 2003 down to less than 140, and the facilities using of steam sterilization technology increased to nearly 300.

As a global supplier of steam sterilization equipment for medical waste, Gient is committed to providing advanced experience, more environmentally friendly, cleaner and more efficient medical waste solutions and products to make the environment greener and cleaner.

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