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Medical waste is a sort of hazardous wastes and generated by hospitals, clinics, health-care centers and laboratories etc., it must be properly treated and disposed to avoid contamination.

Established in 1995, Gient is the leading manufacturer of medical waste treatment systems in China and provides automated waste treatment solutions with latest technology. Gient autoclave systems achieve a higher energy efficiency and meet the most stringent environmental standards worldwide.

Our systems apply high temperature and pressure steam sterilization (autoclave) technology to sterilize germs and bacteria, meanwhile, a shredding process makes the sterilized medical waste to become unrecognizable municiple waste. Autoclaves are nowadays widely regarded as most environmental friendly and the most economical solution to treat medical waste.

Gient medical waste treatment systems are widely applied in centralized medical waste disposal centers as well as in hospitals, health-care centers and clinics house, etc.



MWC Series

Centralized Medical Waste Treatment System (MWC Series) is designed for off-site waste management, the disposal capacity is ranging from 3 to 20 tons per day, the system is suitable for commercial waste treatment.


MWI Series

Integrated Autoclave with Shredder (MWI series) is designed for on-site installation in hospitals, clinics, health-care center and also for off-site medical waste disposal facilities. The disposal capacity is ranging from 150L/cycle to 2500L/cycle.


MWS Series

Smart Medical Waste Treatment Station (MWS Series) is a fully automated system, all treatment processes are started by one key and requires only one operator. It reduces the manpower in medical waste facilities. The disposal capacity comes with 1 to 3 ton/day.


MWM Series

Mobile Medical Waste Treatment Station (MWM Series) caters to many other customized demands, such as in military field hospital, emergency situations like nature disaster and epidemic diseases, and taking care of marine and island’s medical waste.


MWV Series

Medical Waste Vertical Autocalve (MWV Series) with small capacity (down to 25L/cycle), is ideal for use in clinices and hospital with few beds. The available capacities are 25L, 50L and 100L.


Waste Shredder

Double shafts shredder with specific wear resistant blades crushes and grinds the waste into unrecognizable pieces. Shredder system is composed of shredder, control cabinet, automatic bin dumper, hopper and optional screw conveyor.





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Gient medical waste treatment systems are running successfully worldwide, Gient systems are currently disposing medical waste more than 800,000kg per day.

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