Smart Medical Waste Treatment Station
– MWS Sereis

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    Small-sized medical waste treatment plants or large hospitals

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    1-2 ton/day based on 16 working hours

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    Working type

    Sterilization prior to shredding

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    Temperature and pressure

    Up to 152°C (305°F), 4 bar (58Psi)

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    Microbial Inactivation


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    Waste volume reduction


Smart Medical Waste Treatment Solution  

Smart Medical Waste Treatment Station, MWS Series, can serve in small commercial medical waste treatment plants or in large hospitals. The machine is fully automated and the treatment capacity is 1-2 tons perday, based on 16 working hours. It mainly composed of an autoclave, loading platform, bin dumper, hopper and shredder. An model matched boiler is optional.

All the treatment processes, sterilization, transfer, shredding and waste unloading, are completed by program and automated machinery. The whole process is started and done by only one key. It helps the medical waste disposal facilities and hospitals to reduces manpower, ensures a better operation experience and requires only one operator.

Core Features & Advantages

  • Easy, safe, efficiency and environmental-friendly
  • Green process without hazardous emissions, chemical-free and NO radiation
  • Turnkey project, one stop supplying, autoclave, shredder, boiler etc.
  • Advanced technology against chloride ion corrosion in medical waste
  • Advanced odor control technology ensures a comfortable working ambient
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Optional remote monitoring and recording system. Staffs are able to observe and control the live process in the office
  • At least 15-years lifespan
  • Know more medical waste treatment.


Standard Configuration

  • Autoclave
  • One set of autoclave bins
  • Condenser
  • Shredder including bin dumper and hopper
  • Electrical and pneumatic PLC control cabinet with touch screen and micro-printer
  • Automated ferry platform
  •  Vacuum pump

Optional Configuration

  •  Steam boiler
  •  Compactor and baler
  •  Medical waste container
  •  Sharps container
  •  Wash unit (for container)