Medical Waste Container Washer

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    Commercial medical waste treatment plants

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    Custom designed for container size and desired throughout

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    Working type

    Integrated with washing, rinsing and drying

Tunnel Washer for Medical Waste Containers

A container tunnel washer is an ancillary equipment of commercial medical
waste treatment plants. GIENT provides a tunnel washer which combines washing,
rinsing and drying. For reducing the energy consumption, GIENT uses washing
detergent and fresh water heated by recovered waste heat and recycles the liquids.
The GIENT tunnel washer for medical waste container can significantly reduce the
manpower and save the time.

Features & Advantages

    Completely automated – integrate washing, rinsing and drying
    Clean – special designed annular spray cleans every corner inside and outside of the container
    Long lifespan – all high quality stainless steel
    Customized layout and capability – custom fit into your container size and desired throughout
    No waste of energy – wash and rinse water heated via heat recovery from steam
    Lower water consumption – through dedicated design and water recycling
    Stable temperature – controlled by electronic temperature controller
    Efficient drying – Fast drying process by airknife, and the wind speed is adjustable
    High efficiency – average clean time of each container is 15 seconds
    Meet flexible washing demand – automatic and manual mode available. Each part can be operated
    Compliance with USA Clean Standards – 50°C (120°F) detergent for washing and 82°C (180°F) water for rinsing, and
    temperatures can be adjusted

Model QX1000-9.0T
Size (L×W×H)9×1×1.8m
354×39×70 ft
Net weight1.1 ton
Rated power5.3kW/h, 380V/50Hz
120 containers per hour
Water consumption
120 - 170L/h
32 - 45 gal/h
Washing temperature
Rinsing temperature82°C